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Texas Warranty

This Guarantee protects your Texas finish against the following:

1. Peeling. Texas Auto Painting agrees to paint, at no extra charge, any area that peels.
2. Fading. Your Texas finish will be repainted, on a pro rata basis, in the even of fading. Cost will be determined by the amount of time remaining on your Guarantee and by the reasonable amount of waxing specified in the Proper Care section of your paperwork.


The Texas Guarantee does NOT cover the following:

1. Chipping caused by the contact surface and a foreign object.
2. Rust or any condition related thereto.
3. Old boy work or any condition related thereto.




1. Continued washing in a coin-operated car wash will void your Texas Guarantee.
2. Certain weather and atmospheric conditions may create chemical fallout that could cause certain airborne pollutants to attack and damage vehicle paint.
3. This Guarantee is not transferable.


Proper Care for your New Paint Finish:


1. For the first night, keep vehicle in a garage, away from rain or heavy dew. If door jams have been painted, leave doors ajar overnight.
2. Wait two weeks before washing, then wash with clean water only.
3. Wait 30 days before using liquid polish, waxes or automotive detergents.
4. After 30 days, apply liquid or paste wax approximately every three (3) months. This is especially important for red or metallic paints.